Why Do You Need Zoho CRM?

15.11.19 03:36 PM Comment(s) By Justin J. Smal

"Indeed. Why do I need a CRM? CRM is for sales (those dinosaurs)! I have Excel, Outlook, Word. I have my Accounts. I have a fancy website with eCommerce!  Not to forget my Project Management app, and I have got an ERP! But CRM? Why should I have a CRM?"

Well, let me tell you a secret. Without sales you can't afford all your shiny toys. Without sales you can’t grow your business. No need for an ERP if you’re not selling anything! You'll only need an accounts package to record all your costs and expenses - not many invoices going out without sales. Of course, you can send endless emails in the hope someone is going to buy just like that. And, even if they buy, where are you storing that information to easily up-sell/cross-sell and build a relationship.

"Ah well I got Outlook - oh no, can't slice & dice. Ok,  just use Excel, oh data all over the place. Someone rang in with a complaint, god that took hours (if not days) to get all the information and give a resolution."

"I really wish I had invested in something that could hold all my data from all different data sources and applications in  one nice tool which could be used by everyone with all the data at their fingertips and as the one source of their truth ...oh wait ... CRM you said?"


Traditionally CRM is seen as a tool for sales teams to close deals and record interactions & communications and any other relevant information they can think of. But CRM integrates into pretty much anything, giving you the one place where anyone can lookup anything and see the past, present and futureCRM allows you to easily slice and dice your data and target market, and integrates with you telephony and quoting app and ERP  and customer service and you never have to run around again asking people for the one email they might have received from someone at some point during the past few years, because (oh no, not again), it's all integrated into your CRM!



Indeed it is. And your sales team will thank you for it once they get their hands on it. It's not about overseeing what they do. CRM is about enabling them to maximise their time to do what they are very, very, very good at:  selling your service or products (and sometimes even their mothers). And by giving them a tool they can use, integrated with all the other tools in your company, you are not only empowering your sales team but everyone else in the organisation. Nothing is vague, no more chasing around the houses, asking for updates on this that or the other. It is all there; from Sales, Marketing, Customer Service,Finance & Operations (if you so wish). But ALL information goes back to the one place traditionally build to pro-actively manage client data - your CRM.

So, if you have never thought about a CRM, maybe it is time to think CRM. If you have thought about a CRM but never did anything, think again. And if your CRM is not up to scratch, and not enabling you to proactively manage your prospects and clients, then really think again and consider Zoho CRM.

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