Monread CRM deliver true cloud CRM based on the Zoho Platform, with over 35+ cloud-based, integrated, business apps. 

    Zoho do the technology. 
    ​We do the know-how.

  • Your Life's Work ...
    ​Powered by Zoho.

    Zoho One is a revolutionary all-in-one suite to run your entire business.  An unprecedented 35+ enterprise-level, integrated applications, for a price that will change the way you think about buying software.

    From invoicing to order management to accounting, Zoho Finance Plus has all the tools you need to streamline all of your back office operations.

Helping You Grow Your Business.

Monread CRM are professional CRM services company, providing our clients with a holistic 360° cloud-based CRM based on the Zoho platform, seamlessly integrating apps & the organization. 

Engaging Monread as your solution provider, you are not just getting excellent service or years of experience, but also our dedication to deliver on-time and on-budget. 

When you choose the Zoho platform, you don’t just get a cloud solution. You get Zoho’s enduring commitment to keep improving your experience and their devotion to customer satisfaction.

We help you improve processes, boost sales & step-up productivity.

Zoho Delivers Beautiful Software to Solve Business Problems.

Zoho provides over 50+ cloud business apps to manage any aspect of your business. From CRM to Accounts, from Collaboration to Human Resources, and Business Intelligence to Support, Zoho has an app to fit a specific need, a bundle to fit a specific set of needs (such as CRM Plus or Finance Plus) or Zoho One, a complete set of 35+ business apps for your business.

Software. Simplified. Awsome.

Why Work with Monread CRM?

We Deliver Quality Services Making Your Beautiful Software to Solve Business Problems Work for You!

You should see your CRM as a car. Would you go to the factory, and bolt all the required parts together to make the car? No, you don't. Your time or your teams's time is to valuable to figure out how things fit together, what each part does and how it can benefit you car. Don't forget, whilst you're doing that, you're not growing your business. In reality, you go to the dealer, do a test drive, discuss and define your specs (engine size, interior, exterior, options, etc) and the car is built for you. You then return once all parts have been fitted, receive the key, and drive off. Sometimes, depending on the car, they take you out for a training session to ensure you understand the power and capability of your shiny new car!

The same can be said for CRM. Yes, you can find any CRM, subscribe and off you go. Then you spend endless (and mostly fruitless) hours & reosurces to make the CRM work for you. After awhile, you give up, shrug your shoulders and declare that CRM doesn't work for you, your business or your industry!

See Monread CRM as your dealer, factory & mechanic all rolled into one. We spec out the system with you using  our tried and tested Business Process Analysis process with Zoho &business expert. Together we define in detail your business requirements, then we bolt all the pieces together and we deliver your shiny new CRM on-time & on-budget, ready to take your sales, marketing & customer service to the next level.

We Are Dedicated to Zoho. We Are Dedicated to You.

We not only talk the talk, we walk the walk.

We run our business on Zoho, so our our knowledge is not just gleaned from websites & videos, but daily tried & tested on the coal-face. If we don't know, as a Zoho Premium Partner we enjoy direct support from the Zoho Product Managers to get the answers we need to support you when it matters.

And with over 20 years in business and delivering CRM solutions to a wide-variety of companies in Ireland and the UK, we have extensive experience delivering results for our clients. Not only do we really understand CRM, we really understand business.

We are truly (em)powered by Zoho.

We Toil

We Deliver

With extensive business experience we analyze & implement Zoho so it fits your business like a glove, delivering ROI & long-term usability.

Because of our extensive experience in a wide variety of industries, we are able to always deliver on-time and on budget. 

We make sure we do.

We Support

Our desire to delight our customers is apparent in our service and support. There is always a friendly voice to help you when it matters.

With a dedicated helpdesk, we are available always. At no time will you go unsupported when you require us most.


We work when you work. 

We Learn

We have unparalleled expertise in the Zoho platform. We never stop learning to deliver the best solution for you.

We continously update our skills & knowledge on cloud solutions in general and the Zoho Platform in particular.

We stay up-to-date so you don't have to.

So You Benefit

A Perfect Integrated World!

We use all our Zoho apps bundled into Zoho One, a truly affordable & fully integrated set of 35+ Zoho Apps. But Zoho also comes à la carte or bundled, ensuring the widest range of choice for you and your business needs.  Whatever your choice, Zoho's Apps integrate easily with each other and many other cloud apps, so you can pick and choose and know that you too can achieve the one integrated solution.

Sales & Marketing

Zoho CRM is our centre-piece, integrated with Zoho Campaigns, Zoho SalesIQ and 
Zoho Social. We utilize all aspects of Zoho CRM to sell, market and improve our clients experience.


Zoho Finance runs our financials. Integrated with Zoho CRM, our sales team can see key financial information, whilst finance does all the accounting.

Business Intelligence

Zoho Reports is a true BI solution integrated with Zoho CRM, Zoho Books & Zoho Campaigns, enabling us to delve deeper into our big data and grow our business with relevant and insightful information.


Zoho Desk delivers our support and gives our clients access to their own support portal. Our helpdesk is second to none, wth a full self-service portal and integrated remote support using Zoho Assist, guaranteeing 24/7 availability.

Human Resource

We use Zoho People and Zoho Recruit Centralising & integrating the HR offering from Zoho not only formalised policies but ensures everyone remains up-to-date on their skills. 


We live in the cloud. Zoho Docs is our main file repository, integrated with Zoho CRM. Webinars we do with Zoho Meeting, projects we manage with Zoho Projects, and presentations are created using Zoho Showtime.

All the above does not mean we profess to be experts on everything Zoho!

We are experts on CRM with over 20 years of experience delivering CRM solutions to a global audience. At Monread CRM, we believe in a holistic CRM solution which should include Marketing, Finance, Support, Project Management & Reporting. 

The More You Know, the More You Sell. 

The More You See, the Better You Decide.

The Better You Decide, the More You Grow.

Only a fully-integrated, 360° holistic CRM solution will give you a true Customer Relationship Management tool. You will have one center of truth enabling you and your team to make informed, customer-focused decisions.

As for all the other Zoho apps, such as Zoho Docs, Recruit or Meeting, we know our way around and use as is. If that makes us experts, so be it!

Over 30 Million People are Using Zoho. Shouldn't You Be Using Zoho?