Game Changing Zoho Solutions

From Sales and Marketing to Finance, HR, Project Management, Customer Support, and more, Zoho has solutions for your business. Whether standalone solutions, bundled cross-team solutions or One unbelieveable unified platform, Zoho delivers the digital technology for you to focus on your bussiness success.

Many Touchpoints. Dedicated Solutions. ​Integrated.

Aligning Zoho with your business needs

Our team of experienced professionals deliver end-to-end implementation, customization, integration, and support services for Zoho applications. We leverage our expertise to optimize workflows, streamline processes, enhance productivity, and drive growth, ensuring your success in todays digital landscape.

Monread CRM. Your Zoho Solution Provder.

​More than CRM ...

Build relationships with customers, create and deliver engaging marketing campaigns, develop a strong brand identity, provide exceptional customer service, and support your customers in meaningful ways.

Individually or bundled, Zoho has a solution for you.

Zoho CRM

Transform your business with the world’s favourite customer relationship management software, Zoho CRM.

Zoho MA

Generate & convert more with seamless  marketing automation and features in Zoho Marketing Automation

Zoho Campaigns

Streamline your marketing efforts and connect in a more targeted and personalized way with Zoho Campigns.

Zoho Desk

All your customer interactions from across multiple channels into Zoho Desk's single, clean interface. 

Zoho Analytics

Collect, analyse, blend and present data with Zoho Analytics,  helping you make better-informed business decisions.

Zoho Books

Simplify your financial management and stay on top with Zoho Books. Automate invoicing, track expenses & analyse.

Zoho Projects

Plan, organise, and execute with Zoho Projects. Set goals, define tasks, allocate resources, and monitor.

Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho Sales IQ helps you communicate with every site visitor at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

More than Exsisting ...

Be aware of the latest trends, news, and developments in your business. Be proactive in identifying and addressing challenges, staying organized and focused on your goals, and continually learn and adapt to changing circumstances to maintain a competitive edge.

Individually or bundled, Zoho has a solution for you.

More than a Team ... 

Enhance collaboration, communication, and trust. Share ideas, strengthen relationship, and promotes  sense of belonging. Create a positive and supportive culture, increase employee engagement, and ultimately achieve better outcomes. 

Individually or bundled, Zoho has a solution for you.

Unified Workplace

Unify and centralise your team's workspace, simplify file storage, and streamline team communication.

Zoho People

Recruit, hire, train, and develop employees, as well as manage  holidays, compensation, and performance evaluations.

Zoho One

The all-in-one Zoho solution providing you with a comprehensive suite of integrated applications at an unbelievable price. One's unified platform eliminates the need for multiple disjointed systems, streamlining processes and fostering seamless collaboration across departments. 

​Zoho CRM Plus

A comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) platform that combines sales, marketing, support, and more.

​Zoho Finance Plus

The complete financial management suite, integrating accounting, invoicing, expenses, inventory, and more.

​Zoho Marketing Plus

The unfied marketing automation platform to engage across multiple channels, increase the ROI, and optimize productivity. 

​Zoho People Plus

The complete HR management solution for building great teams empowering them and keeping them engaged.

​Bundled Zoho... Bliss

Zoho Bundles offer cross-teambundles tailored to address business needs. Whether it's sales and marketing, finance and accounting, HR and employee management, or customer support, these bundles provide specialized tools and features designed to optimize processes, enhance efficiency, and deliver targeted solutions for teams


We have deep expertise in Zoho's suite of applications. We provide strategic guidance, customized solutions, and seamless integrations to maximize your business efficiency. With our in-depth knowledge, meticulous attention to detail, and commitment to your success, we empower your organisation to thrive and reach new heights.