Monread CRM has Migrated website to Zoho Sites

21.03.18 01:21 PM Comment(s) By Justin J. Smal

Over the past few month we have been redesigning our website using the new Zoho Sites website builder and we think the results are great. With no real coding or graphic skills, we managed to get a professional looking website up and running in a very short space of time. 

We decided on Zoho Sites as we are a Zoho house - we run on Zoho apps across the business - as well as being a Premium Partner. The previous site was on WordPress using a bought template - which stopped being supported and we had a decision to make. Buy a new WordPress theme and learn all the ins-and-outs of that particular theme or try Zoho Sites. Serendipity happened as the new beta builder of Zoho Sites came out the same time, so we gave it a lash! Never mind that we like to use and learn all Zoho suite of product to ensure that our customers can maximize their usage of the Zoho platform!

The website is still being adjusted & improved, and will be in its lifetime. If you have any observations and/or issues, don't hesitate to get in touch. As a tip and shout-out, if you are looking for quality images to use for your website, head over the the boys at Pixabay, who have over 1.3 million images you can use. Well worth a visit if you are considering creating your own website (or if you like looking at images!).

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