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    Zoho CRM Plus

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Zoho CRM Plus

Customer context across all touch points.

Unlike other approaches that involve separate products, Zoho CRM Plus is a tightly integrated, all-in-one customer engagement suite. Give your customer-facing teams a 360-degree, contextual view of your customers across all touch points to provide a seamless and consistent experience at every stage of the customer journey.

More than CRM

Zoho CRM Plus is a powerful and unified customer experience platform. It is the perfect Omnichannel solution that empowers you to effectively reach out and engage with your customers right where they are. Combined with powerful analytics,  this unique platform allows you to keep track of every customer interaction within a single interface, helping you increase productivity across the business and improve customers' satisfaction.


Deliver a contextual and engaging customer experience across every customer touchpoint - phone, email, live chat, surveys,  media and support tickets.


To get a clearer picture of your customer, your data needs to work together. Collect, analyze and act upon your customer data across channels in real time.


Create a connected ecosystem for all of your teams to work together on client projects, marketing campaigns, and customer conversions.


Your teams operate differently, but the end goal is the same. Boost team productivity and efficiency with customer-centric context for every activity.

One suite for all your customer facing teams.

Powered by Zoho. Delivered by Monread CRM. 

Zoho Do the Technology. We Do the Understanding

As Zoho's #1 Premium Partner in Ireland & the UK, we at Monread CRM can assist you configure & customize Zoho CRM Plus

 to meet your unique needs and business requirements.

We make it our business to ensure that Zoho CRM Plus fits your business.