• Our 4 Step Approach

    Our Zoho certified consulting team are proficient in project management, have technical expertise, effective communication skills, and business experience, ensuring the successful adoption and utilisation of Zoho in your business.
    We have the know-how, Zoho the technology


Integral to any Zoho project
A properly executed Discovery session enables us to fully understand the way your business runs & how you want to run it and ensures a successful Zoho implementation that fits.

We analyse expectations, taking a wider look at your business if required, in order to ensure future-proofing. In workshop format, we discuss & review your sales, marketing, operations, and accounting processes to fully understand your requirements and current processes.


Meeting Requirements
The Build phase is done at hand (but not rigidly) of the Discovery findings. This ensures that the project is delivered as identified with all the stakeholders. Either on-site or off-site, we utilize the Agile methodology to ensure quick and efficient delivery of the project. 

Agile encourages rapid and flexible response to change, and we're open to further discussions & clarifications. People are people and "forget" the unusual that will then have to be fitted in. But no harm, it fits in with the methodology!


Delivering Zoho

End User Acceptance

Once we have build the solution, we deliver Zoho to the stakeholders & selected end-users at hand of use cases, to ensure that Zoho is delivering on all identified requirements in the Discovery & Build phases. 

At times Zoho needs to be adjusted. This is no problem. We aim to ensure that Zoho fits your business like a glove - if that requires additional adjustments and/or work we are happy to deliver.


Training is done with the teams - focusing on their particular needs and actions within Zoho. Shying away from all bells & whistles, the initial sessions will ensure that your team can use Zoho from the get-go. 

Additional Power & Administrator User training is delivered to selected members of the team. This ensures that you can manage and grow Zoho organically without having to engage with us.

Customer Success

Maximising Your Zoho Solution

We pride ourselves on our customer success services. From 9 to 6 every working day, have a local voice on a local number deal with your queries. We know our implementations, we know Zoho. 

Failing that, as a Zoho Partner, we have a direct line to Zoho and their development teams. We can escalate support issues faster than anyone else, whilst understanding your Zoho implementation.