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When you choose Zoho for your organization, you don’t just get the solution. You get Zoho’s enduring commitment to keep improving your experience and our relentless devotion to customer satisfaction.
Engaging Monread CRM as your Zoho solution provider, you are not just getting excellent service or years of experience. You get our dedication and drive to deliver & support your solution on-time and on-budget.

Zoho & Monread CRM. The team to help you improve processes, boost sales, step-up productivity and manage all activities.

What is CRM?

Many people think of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems as simply data repositories, front-ended by traditional sales force automation features.
This is not the case!

True CRM systems enhance relationships between your business, your customers and your prospects. CRM needs to deliver a true holistic view of the customer across the entire business: from Accounts to Sales, and from Marketing to Support.


Based on the award-winning Zoho suite of business solutions, our consultancy team helps business in Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands and the US pull together Sales, Marketing and Call Center operations, as well as Invoicing, Email and Quoting in one holistic solution.
Why not let Zoho support and empower your entire business!

Why Monread CRM?

  • Experienced Cloud Business ConsultantsWe have extensive experience analyzing, implementing and supporting cloud-based solutions for a wide variety of businesses.

  • Top Notch SupportOur desire to delight our customers is apparent in our service and support.
    There is always a friendly voice to help you when it matters to you.

  • Helping You Grow Your BusinessWe are committed to helping you grow your business using our extensive experience, our in-depth product expertise and our desire to delight our customers.

  • Extensive Zoho KnowledgeWe have unparalleled expertise in the Zoho platform and extensive knowledge of supporting cloud business solutions.

The three Spokes of CRM

People, Process, and Technology

Everyone needs to buy-in and support the CRM initiative. Business processes should be re-examined and potentially re-engineered to bolster the CRM initiative. The right technology needs to be selected to drive your CRM processes, provide real-time, holistic information, and be easy enough to operate for quick adoption.
If one of these 3 foundations is not sound, the entire CRM structure will crumble. So don’t hesitate and talk to us to find out how Monread CRM can help you decide & deliver the right CRM solution for your business



Companies of all sizes in Ireland and the UK rely on Monread CRM for their CRM & Business Solutions


Enabling Integrated Digital Marketing for KPMG
Delivering Cloud Sales & Marketing for IASC



  • The Kanban View for CRM Activities

    For anyone, a typical day at work is loaded with tasks. It could be the field work to visit a prospect for a demo, or the task to call up a prospect to discuss a deal, or to follow-up with customers after their visits to your website. (more…)
  • Feeds – The New Way To Collaborate in Zoho CRM


    Stay in the loop of what’s going on in your business through Feeds, the real-time social collaboration tool for Zoho CRM. Zoho have taken the difficulty out of trying to stay on top of big deals and seamlessly organized them into one feed in your CRM. (more…)

  • GoldMine Web - Anytime, Everywhere Accessibility


    GoldMine Web is a new browser-based app that's included with GoldMine PE and offers real-time access via any current Internet browser to your on-premise GoldMine PE database without any desktop setup. (more…)

  • Schedule activities much more effectively in GoldMine


    You may already be aware of this trick, but this allows users to schedule activities much more effectively. (more…)

  • GoldMine delivers new Android solution   GoldMine users now can manage their contacts remotely with GoldMine Mobile for Android and iOS devices. This latest version has the same features and functions as the previously released version for iOS and now makes them readily available to smartphone and tablet users who own an Android device. (more…)
  • Irish Welcome Tours (IWT), one of Ireland’s leading Destination Management Companies and an Incoming Tour Operator, picked Riva to integrate GoldMine and Microsoft Exchange. Key to the project’s success was Riva’s ability to seamlessly and transparently sync GoldMine calendars to the native calendar apps on mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and other smartphones and tablet PCs. The company’s sales team can now access all their appointments whether their mobile devices are online or offline. (more…)
  • Zoho CRM Contextual Gadget for Gmail allows you to access Zoho CRM from within Gmail Inbox messages. This gadget enables you to create a lead or a contact and also view their details like name, phone number, company name, etc., by bringing your CRM system right inside your Gmail. (more…)
  • We are pleased to announce that the latest version of GoldMine will be made available to customers and prospects beginning Sept 4h. (more…)
  • 01 September, 2013
    Many, many CRM providers boast how their solution integrates with e-mail. And, by the letter of the law , they do. But elegant it is not. And expecting all users - if you are in the lucky position to be more than a one-man band - to actually use this email integration functionality is asking to much.But I'm rushing ahead of myself without explaining to you how email integration works in a majority of cases, how it should work in a minority of cases and how people are obsessed with email clients which are only really valid for personal use and not company use. (more…)