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Project Management, as effective as it gets

Get work done, on time, all the time!

Zoho Projects – Editions & Pricing

Simple and easy-to-use

Your Benefits

Project Planning

Milestones, tasklists and tasks help you easily break down complex projects into easily manageable units. Get more refined control with subtasks , recurring tasks and dependencies.

Gantt Charts

Gantt charts provide a detailed visual on the progress of your tasks in comparison to what was planned. The resource allocation chart lets you know who is free, who is engaged and who is overloaded.

Project Co-ordinator

Feeds make staying updated with the latest in your projects as easy as browsing your favorite social network. The timeline gives you an easy way to get back to important posts.

Time Sheets

All working on a project can easily log their billable and non billable hours. The built in integration with Zoho invoice automatically generates invoices using these.


Employees, clients, vendors or consultants, nearby or from remote locations, all can work together seamlessly with a set of collaboration tools. Collaborate spontaneously and make efficient decisions.

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