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Put customer service at the heart of your company with Zoho Desk

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Put customer service at the heart of your company.

Zoho Desk is the industry’s first context-aware help desk software that helps businesses focus on the customer.

What is Zoho Desk?


Zoho Desk is web-based customer service software, designed to help you focus on what really matters – your customer.
Zoho Desk pulls in all your customer interactions from across multiple channels into a single, clean interface. You can then seamlessly continue these conversations and help customers easily.




Zoho Support – Editions & Pricing

Good ol’ Email.

Email isn’t passe. Pigeons and snared inboxes are! The quintessential channel for customer service just got better with a few convenient tweaks. All your customer emails get pulled into a convenient interface where you can respond to them easily. The best way to handle customer service emails even when you use several email IDs.

Good Old Email

Instant Messaging.

Just about everyone uses instant messaging today, even that talkative aunt we all have. It is, by far, the quickest and most convenient way to communicate.

Instant Happiness.

Chat with customers and understand their concerns better. Give them timely, personalized help. Deliver happiness instantly.

DIY Meets Customer Service

Ever had the urge to find answers by yourself? A lot of customers feel like that too, you know. Sometimes, human intervention is not the ideal solution.

Enter customer self-service portals.

Answer most-frequently-asked questions and organize them into categories. Customers love the thrill of solving their problems themselves. If they can’t, well, you’re only a shout away!

A Tested ‘Form’ula

Age-old wisdom suggests that, sometimes, it’s better to stick to the basics.
Web forms have a wide variety of uses and they serve their purpose really well. They’re easy to create, customize and deploy. And they work just as well as any other channel within Zoho Support.

All for One and One for All.

A community always stands strong and takes good care of its members. In a sense, they’re are like diamond mines: really tricky to build but offer immense value in exchange. With a really handy set of features to organize, moderate and nurture a community, the software does what it has to. So, you can do what you have to. Focus just on building a great customer community.

All for One and One for All


Escalate Tickets. Avoid Disasters.

We’ve all seen those once-in-a-while tickets where a timely response couldn’t go out. For managers, it’s really important that these tickets be brought to their notice immediately past due time.
With a simple set of rules, tickets get escalated automatically based on SLAs. If that’s not enough, they can be automatically assigned to another agent too.

Service-levels, Contracts et al.

An organized desk is the sign of an organized mind, they say. Works the same way with help desks too. Organize all your customer service efforts with basic help desk automation from Zoho Support.
Add your business hours and a list of holidays. Use service-levels and contracts to ensure you deliver all your commitments. All your advanced automation rules are based on these basic building blocks.

Every Ticket finds its Match.

Tickets have to be assigned to agents before they can be answered. But doing that manually is such a waste of human potential.
So we’ve just taken ticket assignment and automated it. Just set some criteria and create rules. Watch every ticket meet its perfect match in your team.

Tick tock. Tick tock.

It’s such a pain to manually dig up inactive open tickets and close them.
That’s just one of the several things that can be automated via time-based action rules. Setup time-based criteria and create rules.

It’s ‘time’ for automation, get it?

Visualize Data! Understand Better.

Sometimes, insights are best ingested when presented visually. Customizable visual dashboards make it easy for you to pick-up insights and decide based on them. Dashboards are easy to setup and customize, just like reports.

Measure & optimize

Measure Customer Happiness.

What good is a customer service effort if you can’t measure how well you’re doing, right?
Ask customers a simple question and understand how they felt about interacting with you. Get qualitative and quantitative feedback to figure out where to improve. Show off your customer service awesomeness.

To each, his own Metrics.

Although we’ve packed in a handful of basic reports, nobody else can understand your specific needs like you do.
Fully customizable reports come in handy when you have your own bucket-list of metrics to track. Be a customer service geek. Obsess over metrics and use them to your advantage.

Hello, here’s your Daily Report.

When you have several reports to look at, it’s such an effort to navigate to each of them every single day. Phew! We agree!
But why care about that when you can schedule reports to be sent to you automatically everyday? That’s the kind of convenience that smart software brings along.

Change the Solution to fit your needs

Zoho Support provides you an endless option to customize your product as per your requisite, implementing changes effortlessly without the need to create complex programs or scripts.


Rename Tabs

Rename and reorganize the working tabs. For e.g. You may require to change the name of Solutions Tab to Knowledgebase. Also, you can customize the search criteria for all the modules. You can choose upto six criteria for each search layout.

Web Forms

Create web to request forms and embed in your website for customers to submit the request. Eliminate the need for customers to contact the support center every time they have an issue.

Business Hours

Define the working hours for your organization and mark holidays which is for SLA compliance. Create various support plans and SLAs with escalation rules to keep up the response time.

Email Templates

Customize the predefined email templates that can be sent to users when alerts are set. Avoid the time spent to create the alert message every time you need to set one.

Know More, Sell Better.

Happy customers tend to give you more business. Relevant ticket information is pulled in from Zoho Support, so your sales reps can understand the customer’s recent interactions with the company. Your sales team can easily identify happy customers and find more sales opportunities.

Zoho CRM Integration: Know More, Sell More.

Manage Your Customers

Create, edit and manage your customers’ information in Zoho Invoice or integrate with Zoho CRM. Open the information, edit them and keep them updated at any time.

Monitor Activity

Go through each and individual contact and get to know what business they are doing with you and reports to see how business has varied with them.

Crowd-sourcing meets Customer Service.

With social-network-style commenting and tagging, your team can now ask questions, find answers and collaborate more in every ticket. It’s all for one and one for all.

Mobile Customer Service

The more the merrier. Both customers & happiness.

Respond to tickets quickly with response templates. Write them once and use them forever. Closing tickets is as easy as a swipe. Whether you’re waiting for a take-away or doing the dishes, get work done and deliver pure awesomeness.

Push notifications

Just what you need to know. Just when it happens.2

Get instant notifications about contacts, accounts and tickets you follow. Zoho Support’s Notification Center is now available on your mobile phone.

Re-assign tickets

May the best man win customer love.

Pass-on a ticket to a colleague when you’re answering another one. (or) When it’s not in your area of expertise. (or) When you’re at a movie with your girlfriend.