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Zoho CRM for Smart Businesses

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Get ready to sell Smarter, Better, Faster.

Reach out, engage, and close more deals the smarter way.

 What is Zoho CRM?

View all your information from a single location, including the latest customer activity, associated contacts, pending deals, ongoing projects, and more.
A complete view of your account makes collaboration easy, regardless of how the business changes.
Zoho CRM has everything you need to boost sales, step up productivity, and manage all day-to-day activities. Tightly integrated. Ready for mobile.


Easily manage all your contact channels and customer touch points

Everything In Its Place

Contacts are the lifeblood of your business. So the more you know about them, the more successful your business will be. Zoho Contact Management is a powerful, personalized way to keep all relevant contact information in one accessible, updateable location. Now everything you need to know is right at your fingertips.


Zoho CRM seamlessly integrates with your all popular office applications to give you a complete view of such vital details as account history, key contacts, customer communications, and internal account discussions. Not only will you be more organized, you’ll increase the value of every customer contact—and improve the customer experience—with access to information that’s always comprehensive, current and correct.

Zoho CRM: Everything in its Place

From Lead to Customer

Generate, Distribute, Qualify, Convert!

Every sales lead, if rightly tracked and nurtured, can be a revenue generating opportunity. However, one must have the right process and tools in place to make sure these are properly guided towards the most likely result of sales planning. For this reason, businesses consider lead management as one of the important activities in their organization-wide sales and marketing process.

Zoho CRM: Generate your Leads


In Zoho CRM, leads are considered as raw details of company, person or business opportunity. These are unqualified sales opportunities gathered at various situations, such as trade shows, seminars, advertisements, purchases from external sources and other marketing campaigns for the purpose of sales.


The different stages in Zoho CRM’s lead management process are: Lead Generation, Lead Allocation or Distribution, Lead Qualification, Lead Conversion

Lead Generation

Lead generation refers to the capturing of consumers interest towards products or services, who may be interested in a purchase. These sales leads are captured through various sources: campaigns, exhibitions, referrals, or phone calls. Zoho CRM provides you with different methods to generate leads: Form Filling, Quick Create, Importing, Web Forms and Developer API.

Zoho CRM: Generate your Leads

Lead Distribution

Manually assigning new leads to specific individuals can be tedious. Zoho CRM allows you to create a workflow rule to assign new leads to sales persons based on specific criteria, such as geographic region, activity, etc.

Lead Qualification!

With the scope for further follow ups, the lead qualification process is essential to lead generation. This stage separates the sales ready leads from the general inquiries that are entered into Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM: Qualify your Leads

Lead Conversion

Once there is scope for business opportunity through further negotiations or follow-ups, a Lead is transformed to Account, Contact and business opportunity. At this point, lead management process is complete and there is no reverting to Lead process.

Zoho CRM: Convert your Leads

What do I Gain from Zoho CRM’s Lead Management?

Across all industry sectors, marketing campaigns and brand promotion activities are the initial steps to finding and attracting new customers. However, you must effectively nurture the leads until they grow up to prospective buyers. Zoho CRM’s lead management process provides you the necessary tools and techniques in acquiring and tracking leads through the entire life cycle.

Never miss a sale

Track bids, deals, proposals and other opportunities.


All efforts put forward to succeed in completing a sale will not be fruitful if the customers with the highest potential to close a deal are not handled appropriately. It is similar to an athlete who has potential or talent to run being neglected for a race and not given proper attention. It is of great significance to be able to recognize and manage these opportunities that may translate to actual revenue.


Zoho CRM’s sales opportunity tracking module provides an exclusive interface to store and manage information details relative to opportunities with fields like stage, probability and expected revenue. A quick assessment of opportunities is possible through reports and dashboards (sales funnel) specific to opportunity management.


Zoho CRM: Analyse your Data


The Big deal alert option (customisable through the built in workflow capabilities) can be used to inform everyone about a major deal completed or nearing completion. Overall it enables you to close more deals than usual and offers tools to gain insight in improving future deals.

Streamline your Customer Support processes

Enhance customer satisfaction


Zoho CRM provides Customer Support & Service Management (Help Desk) features such as Cases (support tickets), Solutions (Knowledge Base), Case Assignment & Escalation through Workflow rules, and easy to deploy Web-to-Case forms for capturing customer-specific cases through Web sites. In addition, you can also synchronize customer-specific email messages as Cases from Microsoft Outlook to the Cases module in Zoho CRM.


Cases and Solutions functionality can be used to streamline organization-wide Customer Support process and enable a better integration between Sales & Customer Support processes in a single system. Integration between Sales and Post-sales support management helps organizations in resolving the customer-reported cases in less time, enhancing customer satisfaction and cross-selling/up-selling opportunities in future.

Case Management


Zoho CRM: Analyse your Data


Solution Management


Zoho CRM: Provide Solutions

Real-time snapshots of key metrics

Easily visualize comparisons, patterns, and trends


Zoho CRM offers fully customizable reports in all the modules (Sales, Marketing, Support and Inventory ) with more flexible options, such as cross-linking modules, arithmetic operations, different types of layouts, 3-level column grouping, public/private folders, scheduling reports generation and delivering to the intended users including non-Zoho CRM users through email. In addition, 25 plus standard reports are packed in various modules which can be used as a ready reference and enhance the learning experience.

Zoho CRM: Analyse your Data

CRM Dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of your organization’s key metrics. Using CRM dashboards you can easily visualize comparisons, patterns, and trends in sales, marketing, support, and inventory related data. In Zoho CRM, dashboard comprises of different types of two-dimensional/three-dimensional (2D/3D) charts, which are generated dynamically built over the Adobe Flash technology. The unique chart is Funnel chart, which can be used to visualize the sales pipeline at various stages intuitively.


Advanced CRM Analytics

The Advanced CRM Analytics, powered by Zoho Reports (requires additional licensing), enables you to analyze your CRM data by creating powerful reports and dashboards.



The Sales & Marketing teams can slice and dice the data and take better data-driven business decisions.

Take Zoho CRM with you

Instant access to Customer information and Sales Activities


Zoho CRM Mobile Edition is a native application that lets you access your CRM data anywhere, anytime from your mobile phones (iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry). With the Zoho CRM Mobile Edition, you will stay on top of the latest business developments, collaborate with your team and take the right business decisions, no matter where you are.

Better customer interactions

Access customer information while on the go and respond to calls or emails instantly. You can even find contacts and prospects nearby your current location and get the driving directions from the customer address information.

Access CRM from anywhere

Work with your customer information from remote locations (airplane mode) and when you are not connected to a cellular or Wi-Fi network. Updates will automatically synchronize when you connect to a network.

Zoho CRM: Go Mobile. Take CRM with You

Instant email notifications

MailMagnet intelligently scans your mailbox and displays email notifications from customers and prospects within the CRM app. You can reply to important emails and add follow-up tasks while on the go.


Improve sales follow-up accuracy

Never miss out on a customer call or meeting. You have real time access to the latest information on all your business opportunities from your smartphone.


Web Application for Mobile Phones

You can also access Zoho CRM from your mobile’s phone web browser. Stay connected with your Zoho CRM data from iPhone, Android, Blackberry and any mobile phones with a mobile web browser.


The main difference between the mobile web access and the Zoho CRM Mobile Edition is that you’ll need a working internet connection (Wi-Fi or cellular) to use the mobile web version, while the Zoho CRM Mobile Edition works even when you don’t have connectivity. Mobile web access is available free of charge for all Zoho CRM users.

Collaborate, communicate and share information.

Integrate Google Mail and access other information from within Zoho CRM.


Whether you’re in Zoho CRM or in Gmail, you always have a grip on your communications with your contacts. Additionally, you can contextually create business opportunities within Gmail, attach documents from Google Docs, export events to Google Calendar, capture leads from Google Sites using web forms, and add contacts from Google Contacts, all directly from inside Zoho CRM. Your Business is sure to gain an edge with better collaboration and customer information.



What you get with Zoho CRM for Google Apps?

  • Manage all your Email interactions with customers in a single place.
  • Track all email interactions handled in Google Mail inside Zoho CRM and vice versa.
  • Add leads or contacts and related potentials, tasks and notes using Zoho CRM Contextual Gadget for Gmail.
  • Free yourself from the hassles of email attachments and mismatches in versions as you can directly attach files from Google Docs within Zoho CRM.
  • Be up-to-date with the CRM appointments that matter by synchronizing them with your shared Google Calendar and collaborate with your colleagues.
  • Create tasks in Zoho CRM and export to Google Tasks with a single click.
  • Instantly create Google Sites page from within your Zoho CRM account and directly publish the web forms to capture leads New
  • Easily synchronize and get access to your Gmail contacts from within Zoho CRM.
  • Log in to Zoho CRM from Google’s universal navigation with your Google Apps credentials.