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Productivity with Zoho CRM Plus

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From prospect to payment and everything in between, Zoho CRM Plus helps you tackle all your complex business processes into automated, efficient workflows.
Improve every part of your business, across all your departments and keep your teams working efficiently.







Automate your sales process.

Use KPIs to highlight sales goals and create customizable dashboards. Whether it is closing new leads or creating new potentials, you can track your teams’ progress regularly and understand how they measure up. Use this information to tailor specific strategies to help them improve and congratulate them when they achieve their targets.

Zoho CRM - Workflows and Automation


Your help desk on demand.

Allow your support reps automate their regular routine tasks – from assigning tickets, prioritizing them, escalating them based on SLAs to following up with customers. Workflow process automation is designed to be extremely flexible while being simple to implement – so your support agents can focus their attention on the customer, not the process.

Zoho Desk - Hekpdesk on Autopilot


Consistent campaigns, everywhere.

Optimize your marketing strategy across multiple channels to provide a consistent customer experience. Before, during, and after a sale, use automation to coordinate the content and timing of your email and social campaigns. With workflows, you can segment leads, trigger autoresponders, and send a series of messages to fast-track communication with the customers who want to hear from you.

Zoho Campaigns - Automated Email Campaigns


Hit your numbers faster.

Zoho CRM Plus offers sales activity management tools complete with daily and monthly target goals, point-based contests, leaderboards, and trophies to help boost sales activities and strengthen the morale and productivity of your customer-facing front line.

Zoho CRM - Gamification


Find the emails you need.

Instead of sifting through thousands of sales emails to find a specific correspondence, Zoho CRM Plus includes an email inbox that intelligently segments incoming messages according to your current priorities. Emails can be organized based on customer data, such as messages pertaining to leads, contacts, and deals, allowing you to cut through the clutter and find just the email you need.

Zoho CRM SalesInbox - Manage your emails


Proactively engage website visitors.

A deal starts from the moment a prospect visits your website. Intelligent triggers help you automate website visitor engagement so you never miss an opportunity. Convert visitors to leads in your CRM or trigger emails to go out to prospects who want to hear from you. Target your content based on visitor geo-location or initiate questions based on email campaign responses. Increase sales conversions and improve your quality of service by monitoring the live chats between your website visitors and sales agents.

Zoho SalesIQ - Engage website visitors



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