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Administration with Zoho CRM Plus

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Spending days setting up CRM, Help Desk, Project Management and other customer engagement systems for every team in your company isn’t practical.
Zoho CRM Plus simplifies setup and administration, minimizing time spent on managing the system without impacting functionality, security, or user experience.




Flexible enough for companies of all requirements and sizes, Zoho CRM Plus grows with your business and eliminate the headache of coordinating different software products across departments.


Integrated and ready to use.

The Zoho CRM Plus suite of applications is pre-integrated and ready to use out-of-the box. We build our apps from the ground-up within the same ecosystem, giving your customer-facing teams access to shared customer data and a unified experience, from a single console.

Zoho CRM Plus - Fully Integrated


Easy to get up and running.

Traditional customer management systems require administrators or consultants for the initial setup. Zoho CRM Plus comes with an easy onboarding mechanism to get your organization up and running in the cloud from day one, without the need for complicated configurations or coding.

Zoho CRM Plus - Easy to use


Centralized administration panel.

As your business grows, you’ll need to easily manage which data users have access to. With a centralized admin panel, eliminate the hassle of adding new user accounts and assigning roles and permissions by managing your entire Zoho CRM Plus suite from one place.

Zoho CRM Plus - Centralized user Admin


One payment.

Using multiple products from different vendors typically involves paying and reconciling separate bills. But with Zoho CRM Plus, you get access to 10 of our best products with one straightfoward pricing plan. And with only one bill for the entire suite, you no longer have to keep track of multiple recurring payment cycles.

Zoho CRM Plus - One Payment



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