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Familiarize yourself with some basic terminology that we will be using throughout the course. 

    • Adding, Editing, and Tracking Leads.
    • Converting a Lead.
    • Email Integration and more.

Adding A Lead

This video covers the basics of adding and editing a lead in Zoho CRM.  Watch this lecture to learn more about: 

    • Bringing Leads into your system.
    • Editing Lead Information.
    • Using Different Views.

Lead Tracking

This video covers the basics of using and editing different lead tracking fields. In this lecture you will learn more about:

    • Editing Existing Leads.
    • Tracking and Follow-up.

Converting a Lead

Lead conversion in one of the most important activities that you would perform on a regular basis. This lecture on Lead Conversion will cover:
    • Converting Leads into Contacts and Accounts.
    • Adding and Tracking Deals.

    Email Integration

    Watch this video where we will walk you through the benefits of integrating your email with Zoho CRM in detail. By integrating your email, you will be able to:

      • Get the right sales context for your emails and more.

    Reports & Dashboard

    Reports and Dashboards form an integral part of CRM, giving you real-time insights on your organization’s key metrics. Watch this lecture to learn:
      • How to export reports.
      • How to create custom reports and more.

    Document Management

    Following up on leads and contacts often involves having to share documents. Watch this lecture to learn:
      • How to create a document from Zoho CRM.a document from Zoho CRM.
      • How to upload a document from your computer into the CRM and more.

    Activities & Home Tab

    Activities come in very handy! An activity in Zoho CRM is any event, task, or call. Watch this lecture to learn:
      • How to use the Activities section.
      • How to create different views in that section and more.

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    *Last updated: Oct, 2017.

    Please note that Setup related screens that you see in 

    the videos might not include features that were recently released.