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Zoho CRM Contextual Gadget for Gmail

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Sep 25, 2013 JJ Smal (0)

Zoho CRM Contextual Gadget for Gmail allows you to access Zoho CRM from within Gmail Inbox messages. This gadget enables you to create a lead or a contact and also view their details like name, phone number, company name, etc., by bringing your CRM system right inside your Gmail.
You can see the Zoho CRM gadget as a part of your e-mail message body, as soon as it is installed in your Google Apps domain. With the intelligent use of Zoho CRM and Gmail, customer interactions can be made more contextual, effective and much simpler.

What you get with Zoho CRM Contextual Gadget for Gmail?

  • Add a Lead or Contact to your Zoho CRM account based on the Sender e-mail address
  • Add a Potential to a Contact from the e-mail message
  • View an Existing Contact’s or Lead’s details from within the e-mail message body
  • View Notes or Tasks related to a Contact or a Lead
  • Search from within your inbox to see if a lead or a contact exists in your CRM account

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