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Zoho CRM 2016: The Future Of CRM Is Here

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Jul 27, 2016 JJ Smal (0)

The Future Of CRM Is Here
Today at 9am EST (1pm GMT) the all new Zoho CRM 2016 has been released, packed with 50+ plus productivity enhancements and a new and improved User Interface (UI).
Have a read yourself here (nice little Zoho landing page) or watch the nice, happy YouTube Video (which is nice & happy but not much content wise!).
To access, just log into your CRM and click “Try the New Zoho CRM” in the top-right. This will change your interface to the new UI: clutter free and full of context. You’ll have 6 months to get adjusted!
There are many, many changes, but the one thing you will notice straight-away is that new interface. A key aspect of the all new UI is the Filter Pane – available on the left-hand side when you are looking at the records listings in any module – which will allow you to create easy filters of the data you’re viewing. Easy slice & dice!
This left-hand pane idea is extended into the Info View, which shows once you click into a record. No more scrolling down to find related information, just click on the required heading in the Info View and you’ll be taken straight there. Click on the +-sign next to a heading and create a related entry. Click Info and you’re taken back to the top of the record.
Another nice enhancement is that your emails sent using Zoho CRM Email Templates are tracked. You can easily view anyone who has opened your emails (using the Filter Pane) or you can see activity details in the all new SalesSignals (click on the Bell icon top-right).
There are to many to go into detail or even name, but … Extensions, SalesSignals, SalesInbox, Page Layouts, Improved Dashboards, Sorting Data, Adding Columns, Improved Automation, Scheduler, Gamification, Email Tracking, and much more!
Do note that some feature availability is dependent on the version of Zoho CRM.

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