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Zoho Consultancy

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Designing and Delivering Your Zoho Solution

Configure, Customize, Deploy, Educate & Support

Monread CRM offer comprehensive approach from analysis and system design, through database and system configuration, to data migration and training of users and administrators.

Zoho Consultancy

Because of the comprehensive functionality of the Zoho platform, we offer a comprehensive business process analysis, scoping and design service, which is completed and agreed upon prior to implementation.
A typical implementation would consist of:

  • Business Process Analysis & Documentation. This includes detailed specifications, such as modules, fields, reports, user security model, integration requirements, templates requirements, data import, email integration, etc.
  • Specification sign-off
  • System Delivery as per Specification
  • User Training & System Administrator Training
  • Implementation sign-off

Our consultants are product experts, working closely with Development, Support, and Education to provide the best solution for you. All our consultants have extensive business experience, advanced product knowledge, and specific functional certifications.
Because of our relationship with numerous SME’s, we have a deep understanding of a wide-range of industry ‘best practices’, although the transferability of such practices from one SME to another is not a foregone conclusion. Every SME is different. Hence we do not offer “one shoe fits all” prices – our prices are competitive and will fit your budget and requirements.
You can consider ourselves as your Zoho technology partner, enabling you to focus on your business while we deliver Zoho solutions supporting your company. We take away the hassle to manage and deliver the right Zoho platform for your business.

Correctly configured and implemented solutions aligned with detailed business requirements increase out-of-the-box functionality, yield higher product performance, require less overall support, drive higher business value and lowers overall total cost of ownership.

Call us on +1 (857) 574-5780, +44 (0)20 3051 4806 or +353 (0)1 554 0251 today and see how we can save you money & time and assist you in your (further) deployment of your Zoho solutions (CRM, Books, Campaigns, Desk, etc.).