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The Kanban View for CRM Activities

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Nov 19, 2015 JJ Smal , , , (0)

The Kanban View for CRM Activities

For anyone, a typical day at work is loaded with tasks. It could be the field work to visit a prospect for a demo, or the task to call up a prospect to discuss a deal, or to follow-up with customers after their visits to your website.
There are a variety of such tasks that the team has on a daily basis. They may often find themselves occupied with trivial tasks that leave them with little or no time for the more important ones. The list of To-dos can either be on a notepad or on a data management system that is loaded with all the customers’ details.
In all this, the challenge is in keeping the list of tasks organized and avoid missing out on any of them. A clear view of the type of tasks and the priority would give CRM users a helping hand in managing time and concentrating on what is most important. That is where the CRM View for Activities is of great help.
The Kanban View for CRM Activities in Zoho CRM is available for the tasks, events and calls in the Activities module. this view will give you a clear visual idea on how to plan your day based on the activities.
CRM View for Activities: Kanban View
The view is divided into four categories:
Customers – Lists the tasks/events/calls associated to the customers (potentials that are won and closed).
Open Potentials – Lists the tasks/events/calls associated to the potentials in pipeline.
Leads/Contacts – Lists the tasks/events/calls associated to the Leads/Contacts.
Others – Lists the tasks/events/calls associated to the records other than won potentials, potentials in pipeline, leads and contacts. This list includes activities that are created for the custom module’s records too.
The tasks/events/calls will be listed in CRM view under the four categories. The records will be organized based on the time it was created, i.e the latest ones will be the first in the list.

From the CRM View you can have a quick glance at the tasks/events/calls and the related lead/contact/potential. It gives you a clear picture of all the necessary details that you need to know before you start the task/event/call and also to complete them.
Click on a entry to view details of the record and refer additional information such as notes, history of the record, attachments, upcoming actions, email conversations, etc.

Clicking on an activity, gives you the following details:
Basic Details – Some of the basic fields’ values will be available such as date and time, venue, and owner of the activity. You can always expand the records to find out more details.
Notes – Notes added to the task/event/call.
Attachments – Documents attached to the task/event/call.
History – The History keeps a log of certain activities performed for the task/event/call such as sending emails, updating field values, etc.
Upcoming Activities – Any upcoming activities.
Contact Details – If a contact or leads is associated to the activity, the contact/lead name, account name, phone number, and email address will be available.
Mail Conversation – The email conversation, if any (and if integrated), with the associated lead or contact will be listed. You can click on an email conversation to view the full email thread and also reply to the email from the same window.
Sadly, although the Kanban activity view is very good, the details cannot be customized, such as the four columns, the fields available for each entry, etc.

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