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Consultancy Process

We use a 4-step process to deliver the best possible solution for your business

Business Process Analysis

Design & Implementation

Delivery & Training


Zoho Certified & Premium Partner

Our Zoho certfied  & experienced business consulting team bring a specialized skill set that enables your business to make smart technology investments, improve practices, and save time and money. We help you bridge the gap between business needs and technology solutions through open collaboration with you and your team.

The agile methodologies we employ help us adapt quickly as your business and technology needs evolve while ensuring a return on investment. We deliver best-in-class solutions (based on the Zoho platform where applicable) and give independent advice you can trust.

Business Process Analysis   

The Business Process Analysis is integral to all Monread CRM's consulting projects. A properly executed BPA ensures a successful Zoho  implementation that fits your business. The BPA enables us to fully understand the way your business runs & how you want to run it. 

We analyze expectations and performance gaps, taking a wider look at your business if required. In workshop format, we will discuss & review your sales, marketing, operations, and accounting processes to fully understand your requirements and current processes .

Based on the workshop, we document & propose a solution fulfilling your needs identified and offer further recommendations, if and when required. At hand of the BPA, we implement and deliver training to ensure that your shiny new solution delivers from the get go.

What Does a BPA Do for You?

Increase Business Revenue

A well executed & documented BPA can and will increase your revenue. By assessing current process, identifying gaps and  defining & improving processes, a BPA ensures that the software work for you. Result? The business's effectiveness increases, translating to your bottom line.

Save Time & Money

Improved systems which deliver on your business needs will save you time immediately and money in the long-term. Simplifying & automating your processes within a holistic solution will allow the same amount of staff to do more work, more efficiently and with more enjoyment.


When done correctly, a BPA can assess & identify the future requirements of the business based on growth & expectations and ensure that the proposed solution allows organic growth as the business grows.

Our Core Delivery Values

Individuals and Interactions

Working Solutions

Responding to Change

Customer Collaboration

Design & Implementation  

The Design & Implementation phase is done at hand (but not rigidly) of the BPA. This ensures that the project is delivered as identified with all the stakeholders. Most commonly done on-site with relevant stake-holders available on call, we utilize the Agile methodology - adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement - to ensure quick and efficient delivery of the project. 

Agile encourages rapid and flexible response to change, and we're open to further discussions & clarifications. People are people and "forget" the unusual that will then have to be fitted in. But no harm, it fits in with the methodology and our take on delivering your solution.

Delivery & Training 


Once we have designed and implemented the design, we deliver the solution to the stakeholders only at hand of user cases, to ensure that the solution is delivering on all identified requirements in the BPA & Implementation phase. At times, once user-cases are worked through, the solution needs to get adjusted. This is no problem.We aim to ensure that the solution fits your business like a glove - if that requires additional adjustments and/or work we are happy to deliver.


The training is done at hand of the user cases with the entire team - focusing on their particular needs and actions within the solution. Shying away from all bells & whistles, the initial sessions will ensure that your team can use the solution from the get-go. Further Power User & Administrator User training is then delivered to a few designated members of the team. This ensures that you can manage the solution without having to engage with us every single time, or call upon us via Support.


We pride ourselves on our support.From 9 to 6 every working day, have a local voice on a local number deal with your queries. We know our implementations, we know zoho. Failing that, as a Zoho Premium Partner, we have a direct line to Zoho  and their development teams. We can escalate support issues faster than anyone else, whilst understating your particular usage of the solution.

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