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GoldMine Web

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GoldMine Web

Access GoldMine Anytime, Everywhere

GoldMine Web is a new browser-based app that’s included with GoldMine Premium Edition and installed as part of the GoldMine Connect package. GoldMine Web provides the look and feel of a web client and doesn’t require installation for the end user.


GoldMine Web expands access and features real-time CRM information for any PC or Laptop with a Web browser and will give your organization access to the most important sales and service information from any device with a web browser which is perfect for those traveling or working remotely.


GoldMine Web offers real-time access via any current Internet browser to your GoldMine database without any desktop setup.

GoldMine Web provides real-time access to a GoldMine database using any web browser without any desktop setup. Simply launch the browser to view, update, and create:

  • Contact Records
  • Pending and History Activities
  • Additional Contacts
  • Notes
  • Details
Easily view and filter activities by type, for yourself, as well as those scheduled for another user. You can also schedule, edit, and complete:

  • Calls
  • Appointments and Events
  • Actions
  • Sales
  • Link sent and received emails

GoldMine Web is included with any Premium Edition licenses – new or upgrades. The Web Client will require an available Premium Edition License.

  • PE 2014.2 & GoldMine Connect installed
  • Server: IIS 7.0 or higher
  • Safari (OSX) ver. 7.0.4 to current
  • Safari (Windows) ver. 5.1 to current
  • Chrome ver. 35 to current
  • IE 10 to current