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GoldMine Web – Anytime, Everywhere Accessibility

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Dec 4, 2014 JJ Smal (0)

GoldMine Web – Anytime, Everywhere Accessibility


GoldMine Web is a new browser-based app that’s included with GoldMine PE and offers real-time access via any current Internet browser to your on-premise GoldMine PE database without any desktop setup.


GoldMine Web

GoldMine Web features include:


  • Complete contact record views including notes and details
  • Schedule calls, appointments, actions and more
  • View ALL pending and historical activities


Since this is the first attempt by FrontRange to bring GoldMine to the cloud – albeit a private cloud – a lot of functionality has been omitted. In the long-term, functionality will be limited compared to what the desktop based GoldMine PE can do – but it should be a good addition to the road-warriors arsenal of connectivity to GoldMine PE in the office – at no extra cost.


This release seems a bit rushed and basic functionality which should be there or should work does not. This means that companies will have to patch up and patch up to get to a proper functional version – albeit with less features. We’ll be running this version for the next few weeks and report back with our exact findings and will let you know whether it is worth the effort to upgrade at this moment or to hold off till the next iteration of this version.

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