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Feeds – An Efficient Way To Collaborate in Zoho CRM

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Jun 17, 2015 JJ Smal (0)

Feeds – The New Way To Collaborate in Zoho CRM


Stay in the loop of what’s going on in your business through Feeds, the real-time social collaboration tool for Zoho CRM. Zoho have taken the difficulty out of trying to stay on top of big deals and seamlessly organized them into one feed in your CRM.


Now, instead of having to go through individual records for each member of your sales team, you can automatically follow big deals that are entered into Zoho CRM. You can set up auto-follow rules so you get notified of big deals and other important activities in your feed. There’s no need to hit a sync button or refresh the page since your feed is updated automatically.


The Feeds module makes it easy to track and provide valuable insight to important leads, contacts, accounts and other modules. The productivity and efficiency of your team will increase as they benefit from being able to receive real-time feedback from other members of the team.


How Can You Collaborate with Feeds?


  • Use the power of many minds to build great ideas through brainstorming.
  • Share valuable insight into a big deal so your team can deliver their promises on time.
  • Be notified when important meetings, tasks or events are scheduled so you can attend if you need to.
  • Share presentations, pictures or other documents and tag your marketing team for feedback.
  • Collaborate or share information with different departments by creating groups.


Feeds enable you to


  • Follow the leads, contacts, accounts and other records that are most important to your business.
  • Get notifications in real time when tasks are added or updates are made the records that you follow.
  • Share ideas to gain valuable insight from others on your team.

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