Day 1 - Working from Home

25.03.20 10:04 AM Comment(s) By Justin J. Smal

Working From Home

Although I had instructed every one in the office to work from home last week, I myself did not. I like going to the office, because I, at some level, know myself. There are in my opinion to many distractions at home (is that the fridge winking at me?), and I get distracted by all those goodies in the cookie cupboard, or the dust which need hovering, or the laundry which needs to get done very urgently indeed when I'm working from home.

Rather safe than sorry, I drew my conclusions on Monday from all the variety of reputable news sources - British, Irish, American, Dutch, French, Indian - and decided to self-isolate as much as possible and minimise any contact with people (not really hard for me) and dirty surfaces, hence the decision yesterday to work from home starting today for the foreseeable future.

People have been going on about the wonders of working from home, and the increase in productivity they encountered, without the endless management oversight (read: meetings). I always believe that as long as the job gets done in a timely manner, not much oversight is needed. If you don't have the personal responsibility to manage yourself and ensure you finish the job(s) then we'll move on. I am not your mother.

Anyway, I digress. 

Of course, my first effort of working from home, comes at the time that the kids are at home as well (all 4 of them) due to the schools being shut-down and that we (Ireland) are pretty close to a LOCKDOWN!!! (read it as caps, much more dramatic, and the situation most definitely calls for drama), although the Taoiseach (Irish for Prime Minister) does not want to call it as such. Anyway, it's going to be interesting, especially if it resembles anything like our usual weekends - Dad, can you do this, Dad, the telly doesn't work, Dad I'm hungry , Dad, Dad, Dad ...

I can tell you, so far so good, but at breakfast this morning I have already heard mention of that the garden needs to be done, the hallway needs to get painted and the kids need to get out more why don't you go out with them. And this is day 1!

Luckily we have all the tools courtesy of Zoho and we (read me) are now actively starting to use them as a team. Initial focus these few days be using Zoho Cliq - a team chat app. Very handy I must say. Easy to create team channels, talk to each other individually or project based, and without endless email flying back and forth. And the people at Zoho, are very kindly providing Zoho Remotely, a bundle of 11 enterprise apps  which ... wait for it ... enable you and your team (of up to 100 users)  to work remotely as a team! And best bit? Completely free till July 2020! Gotta love Sridhar Vembu (CO-Founder and CEO of Zoho Corporation).

One thing I have decided upon pretty much straightaway, is that form this point forward, if we need new computer hardware, we only buy a laptops. Just easier to disconnect and re-connect anywhere in the world. This is primarily for my office staff, so they can continue to work as much a possible and keep any resemblance of business as usual, because myself off course live of my laptop.

I'm looking forward to what the next days bring, but primarily (for me, my team and you) Be Sensible. Be Safe.


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